Outplacement Services

Outplacement Services for Hotel / Corporate Executives in the Global Hotel Industry

The International Association of Hotel General Managers (IAHGM) and the International Association of Hotel Executives (IAHE), recognises that constant change in the hotel industry is a fact of life. Change can, however, bring about situations where employment at key executive levels can be adversely affected either through involuntary redundancy or other extenuating circumstances.

Part of both Associations’ charters is to assist in the career endeavours of all our current and future members who have registered with the Career Management Centre (CMC). In addition, the Associations’ have implemented an outplacement service that is focussed purely on assisting Hotel Executives through their career transitioning periods. This service is designed to achieve the most appropriate outcome for both the organisation undertaking the change, and the Hotel Executive affected by the change, and is conducted with the necessary sensitivity and urgency required.

The Associations’ also recognise that maintaining brand reputation is important not only for the organisation making the change, but also for the Associations’ in the manner in which its outplacement services are conducted.

The Associations’ now have in place a process available to Clients worldwide who are in need of outplacement services specifically designed for the Hotel industry.
Not only can the CMC help our GM’s with their individual career development, but it can also assist in the placement of key Hotel Executives within their business. With discounted access to the IAHE talent pool, GM’s can request a search be conducted of this database which encompasses a wide range of key Hotel Executives, enabling them to select the best candidates suited to their specific job requirements.
Services currently in place include:
  • Assistance with preparation of a candidate proposal pack - to maximise initial interest from prospective employers.
  • Updating and formatting of CV - to ensure key strengths are highlighted including career achievements and challenges.
  • Psychometric assessment - although optional, is highly recommended to ensure recognition of key strengths and capabilities, as well as identifying professional development needs.
  • Upon receipt from a client for the provision of outplacement services, the Associations’ will immediately put into action, subject to client approval, the following processes:
  • Offer for outplaced executive to join relevant Association, and in particular, the Career Management Centre.
  • Career counselling - incorporating results of psychometric assessment and the Hotel Executives’ career aspirations. Counselling will also assist the Hotel Executive to make the most appropriate and realistic career move given their skills, experience, capability and preferences.
  • Interviewing skills - designed to focus the Hotel Executive on the importance of communicating their capability and suitability for specific opportunities.
  • To assist in maintaining financial portability and protection - outplaced candidates can also have access to the Associations’ third party affiliates for provision of portable international plans such as medical plans and retirement/savings plans. Access to special rates for health insurance, term life insurance as well as income protection insurance are also available. 
Why use IAHGM and/or IAHE for your outplacement requirements?
  • Absolute recognition and sensitivity to an organisations brand reputation within the industry, and an inherent understanding of the need for urgency in provision of services throughout the transitional period.
  • Highly competitive fee structure to assist in the provision of outplacement services means more services for less cost.
  • Both Associations currently service the needs of the global hotel industry in placement of suitably qualified Hotel Executives that specifically match our client’s needs.
  • Both Associations have a dedicated Career Management Centre which exclusively look after the interests of Hotel Executives worldwide.
  • Both Associations exist for the benefit of their Members, and the Career Management Centres are considered professional life-long partners of Hotel Executives for the duration of their hotel careers.
  • Access to a range of discounted third party affiliates’ services provided by the Associations’ exclusively for their members.
  • What other truly global organisations, apart from the IAHGM and IAHE, exist solely for the benefit of Hotel executives worldwide?
Fee structure for provision of Outplacement Services for General Managers and Corporates: Please Contact Us 
  • Career counselling, CV update, Interview skills training, Provision of candidate proposal pack.
  • Psychometric assessment by internationally renowned industry psychologists (optional).
  • Outplacement services (excluding Psychometric assessment).
 Fee structure for provision of Outplacement services for Hotel Executives: Please Contact Us 
  • Career counselling, CV update, Interview skills training, Provision of candidate proposal pack.
  • Psychometric assessment by internationally renowned industry psychologists (optional).
  • Outplacements services (excluding Psychometric assessment).
Once the process is completed, three candidates to be decided on and presented for each job brief
  • The CMC aims to present the client with a minimum of three candidates for each opportunity. The CMC will provide a highly professional and detailed report, including an executive summary, containing our recommendations and the reasons why we consider each GM candidate to be a match to the job brief. At no time during the process, will each individual candidate be made aware of the other CMC candidates being considered by the client.