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Welcome to The International Association of Hotel General Managers.

We are extremely proud to have established the world's first Association dedicated exclusively to the hotel General Management community and we invite you to find out more about the benefits we offer, as well as the many ways we will support GMs during their distinguished careers and beyond.

I, and many of my peers, believe that an Association of this kind is long overdue - now GMs will have somewhere to go for independent professional advice and assistance. This becomes more relevant in today’s world where people change jobs more frequently with research showing today's GM will work for a large number of different companies throughout their careers. In our capacity as an independent Association, we can provide the assistance and support they need to feel recognised, respected and secure.

Our goal is not only to elevate the profile of hotel GMs on a global scale, but to offer tangible and practical benefits that reflect the challenges they face.

As a hotel GM with over 40 years’ experience, it is my wish to leave a legacy that will benefit many and this Association has been designed in such a way that it will evolve according to the needs and feedback of our members. This is an Association that will bring enormous benefit to our industry and I look forward to sharing in its successful future.

PresidentYours faithfully,

Leon Larkin   PresIAHGM


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The International Association of Hotel General Managers – The Organisation


Our aim is to provide members with the support they need throughout their General Management career and beyond, regardless of where they work or reside in the world, while building the public and professional prestige of hotel GMs globally.

We intend to give our members the opportunity to voice their opinions on issues that affect the future of our industry. We will also provide GMs with access to a range of preferentially priced portable benefit programs including, term life and disability insurance, healthcare plans for members and their families, and a retirement savings plan which can be utilised to supplement home country pension arrangements.  

We aim to encourage our members to actively network through our online forums and to build relationships by attending our World Congress, Regional Assemblies and other member events.

A philosophy of giving is a cornerstone of our Association, and is represented by our success payment fee through the Career Management Centre (CMC), an intention to provide subsidies and scholarships for members and their families, and our Annual Award programs where we will reward excellence and exceptional contribution(s) to our profession.

Furthermore, in support of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we also intend to donate to a number of specific charitable causes based on member nominations.

It isn’t always easy to see where changes need to be made and often we don’t appreciate the value of change until after a transformation has taken place. I worked in the hospitality industry for many years before I realised that something significant was missing for hotel General Managers. Where do they go to elevate their profile and build the recognition they deserve? After all, this is a group of highly skilled professionals who are responsible for the lives of hundreds of people within their hotels on a daily basis.

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