Career Management

The continued growth of the international hotel industry has created a high demand for GM talent, and our Association wants to assist our Members with positioning them to take advantage of suitable opportunities as they arise. Therefore, we have identified the need to provide a Career Management Centre (CMC) for the benefit of our Members.

The CMC is a bespoke programme designed to provide our Members with the right tools to steer their career in the right direction. An integral component being the formulation of a Personal Development Plan (PDP) should they require assistance in this area.

Not only can the CMC help our GM’s with their individual career development, but it can also assist in the placement of key Hotel Executives within their business. With discounted access to the IAHE talent pool, GM’s can request a search be conducted of this database which encompasses a wide range of key Hotel Executives, enabling them to select the best candidates suited to their specific job requirements.


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Only registered members, will be able to access this exclusive benefit. Please ensure your membership is active, and has been fully paid.


  • Specially designed CV for upload into CMC database

    Once a GM becomes a member, he/she can indicate an interest in becoming a candidate, by completing a specially designed CV online, which will enable us to begin to create a comprehensive profile of each individual for inclusion in our CMC database. 

  • Readiness index to be agreed with GM

    Each GM will be asked to advise the CMC of their future career aspirations and timing for the CMC to match with potential opportunities that meet with their specified criteria.

  • Candidates may undergo online psychometric testing if required to increase understanding of their innate qualities and abilities

    Where it is determined with the agreement of the GM that a number of online tests be undertaken to strengthen their candidacy, and highlight a number of specific skills and/or abilities, then these can be provided, and the ensuing reports shared with the GM, prior to inclusion in their individual file.

  • Interviews conducted in person or via SKYPE and reports written for each individual

    An interview will be undertaken with each GM to further consolidate their candidacy and to enable CMC staff to prioritise GM candidates for the position.

  • Terms and Conditions relevant to placement and or referral

    Preferred arrangements can be negotiated on volume, but the CMC will be well placed to offer highly competitive rates on individual assignments.   Referral rates will also be available.

  • Placement guarantees

    The CMC will provide a 3 to 6 month guarantee on all placements including referrals. Should a candidate not meet the expectations of the client at any time within the first year of his/her appointment, the CMC will provide the client with another three candidates for their consideration. Placements can be negotiated on volume, but the CMC will be well placed to offer highly competitive rates on individual assignments. Referral rates will also be available.

  • Availability of GM candidates / Retirees for interim assignments

    The CMC will also offer recently retired or GM’s between assignments or awaiting reassignment, opportunities for short term or interim assignments that may from time to time be requested by a client.

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