IAHGM has been working to successfully partnerships with a number of highly-regarded businesses offering a range of products and services to our members and their families, at discounted rates.


Our vision at Brownie Points is simple. We aim to improve corporate performance, by making your workplace a great place to be employed, by increasing the level of employee engagement, while helping you to become an employer of choice.

Engaged, passionate and motivated employees are proven to have a major positive impact on business, and appreciating great work, staff contribution and performance can deliver enormous benefits across your organisation.

Browniepoints is a highly configurable and personalisable, cloud based, real time positive behaviour recognition platform that allows you to implement any type of employee recognition (and reward) program, with the ability to consolidate exiting programs into one fully integrated and automated program.

With a rapidly growing client base in Australia, South Africa, Mauritius, UK, Middle East, USA, France, Canada and New Zealand, the platform is proven and low risk, with an economical cost of ownership, and the mobile App makes the platform ideal for organisations with both desk-based and mobile workers, such as hospitality and hotels.


The first Sovereign office opened in Gibraltar in 1987 and we have since grown into one of the largest independent corporate and trust service providers in the world. We currently manage over 20,000 clients that include companies, entrepreneurs, private investors or high net worth individuals and their families – and have assets under administration in excess of US$10 billion.

Atlas Life International Life Insurance

Atlas Life are a specialist international life insurance company offering high value life cover to clients in more than 140 countries worldwide.  

Their products are designed to be fully portable so you can be sure you are covered wherever you are in the world. You can apply for life cover from 18-70 years of age and your policy is available in  either US$, € or £.

Importantly, they have close strategic partnerships with Swiss Re and Reinsurance Group of America, two of the largest reinsurers in the world, which means that all valid claims are met on time and with a minimum of fuss.


MyBea is a French company created by a someone who traveled a lot. Fed up with trying to get waiters’ attention just to order a coffee, he thought of a tool to link human and technology for a better customer relationship and enhance the guest satisfaction. MyBea is an App that allows clients to order any service with their smart phone, at their own pace.

Hotel Strategy Co. – A Clear Path to Growth

As a Hotel Performance Agency and Consultancy firm, Hotel Strategy Co. is currently looking for hotel and accommodation businesses who want to dramatically increase their market share.

“We deliver Better-than-Market Growth and Dramatic Increases in Occupancy, Revenue and Profit or we work for FREE until you do!”

That is our promise and we stand by it 100%.

identify action

Since 2010, Identify Action has been working to help new and existing businesses to streamline their operations, work more efficiently, improve customer service standards and in turn drive profitability.

Our team focusses on defining your business strategy, we will then review your business processes ensuring that they are working towards your business goals, empowering employees and giving you  full visibility of your business, and the ability to make informed decisions.

We believe people are what make your business successful, at Identify Action we focus on ensuring employees are fully informed of not only their job but also how important they are to the business and the impact of their role


HotelSwaps is an exclusive hotel room exchange programme which allows owners and operators of high quality hotels to swap their unused rooms with other hotel members worldwide. Our Partnership offers Members 20% discount on the first year’s Premium membership.

DASA International Movers - Hospitality Services

DASA Hospitality Services Team has been created to support the logistic needs of hotels in the region, with the removal and the storage of hotel furniture, assistance with artwork installation, movement of furniture to accommodate special events and refurbishments and transfer of staff accommodation. In the last two decades, a particular emphasis has been put on assisting senior management with home search, school search and intercultural training, to ensure a smooth transition into their new roles.

Our excess baggage service is proving very popular with hotel guests that are free to indulge in a shopping spree whilst vacationing in Dubai.

For further inquiries contact the DASA team directly under with a referall to being a member of the association or visit DASA's website 


AHLEI is the global leader in hospitality training and hotel management certifications offering online learning and courses to enhance the hospitality learning experience.