Annual Assemblies

  1. The World Congress is convened biennially.

  2. The location and venue shall be determined by the Executive and advised to the Membership via email and posted on

  3. Based on Membership demographics, four biennial Regional Assemblies (one in each of the Association’s respective regions) may be held concurrently in each year interceding the World Congress.

Event participation

  1. All Members of the Association, in all categories, are eligible and encouraged to attend and fully participate in the World Congress;

  2. All Members of the Association are eligible to attend and fully participate in their respective Regional Assembly. Any Member may be invited to attend any Regional event in addition to their own. However, they shall do so as guests and are not eligible to vote on matters and issues outside the jurisdiction of their own region.

World Congress / Regional Assemblies

The purposes of the above are as follows:

  1. To provide an opportunity to meet the Board of Governors;

  2. To bring profession and industry related issues and matters of concern to the Membership to the attention of the Executive and Board of Governors;

  3. To be informed of decisions made by the Executive;

  4. To present outstanding guest speakers and events;

  5. To participate in educational and development programs aimed at increasing capability and potential within the Hotel General Management profession;

  6. To attend the Annual Awards dinner where Members will recognise excellence in the performance of Members and Industry Colleagues;

  7. To endorse Scholarships as nominated by the Executive;

  8. To endorse charitable donations as agreed by the Executive, Board of Governors;

  9. To network and establish industry wide relationships; and

  10. To support and promote the values of the Association