The purpose of the Association is:

  1. To function as an international network of professional Hotel General Managers within a global Association.
  2. To serve as a link between all Hotel General Managers around the world, to promote friendship, establish solidarity and build relationships to facilitate a strong Association focussed on issues that matter to the Industry.
  3. To provide access to qualified advice through third party providers to support Members’ professional and personal needs.
  4. To establish and promote the highest standard of ethics, best practice and professional behaviour in order to reinforce the credibility of the Association.
  5. To build recognition in the global community through the use of post-nominal letters after Members’ names and the promotion of a global Awards program.
  6. To facilitate the training of those entering the profession by establishing scholarship funds and coaching and mentoring young professionals.
  7. To promote, foster, enhance, and improve the knowledge, skills and professionalism of Hotel General Managers through dedicated development programs and the sharing of knowledge and best practise.
  8. To be a de facto global industry commentator on all Profession related issues, to increase the standing of the Association within the industry and in the public domain.
  9. To contribute to the development of the Hotel industry, and tourism in general, by utilising our relationships with industry media, in collaboration with statutory and regulatory bodies.
  10. To identify and facilitate Membership privileges, benefits and services through access to appropriately qualified external third-party providers.
  11. To publish and distribute online communications, including; industry news updates, newsletters and/or articles and other industry related data and information relevant to Hotel General Managers.
  12. To hold biennial Congresses and Regional Assemblies, and events serving to sustain and support the ideals of the Association, and provide an opportumity for members to share their professional views and expertise.
  13. To facilitate and/or offer the collective skills, expertise and services of appropriately qualified and willing Members to commercial entities requiring know-how and/or hospitality best practice and related solutions.
  14. To defend, where necessary and/or possible, the ethics, traditions and values of the Association and the professional reputation of its Membership.
  15. To subscribe to charitable causes and activities as the Membership and/or Executive may from time-to-time agree.
  16. To advise on all such other lawful things in pursuance of the objects to the Association.