The Association:

  1. Strictly prohibits discrimination based on social, cultural, racial, political, religious, or commercial biases.

  2. Strictly prohibits the unauthorised use or disclosure of personal or sensitive personal information regarding its Governors, Members, Executive, Staff and other persons associated with the Association.

  3. Shall not sell or divulge, and shall appropriately safeguard against theft or loss, all information held by The Association as reasonably possible, and shall impose similar protections by any parties providing it or its Members services, subject to reasonable community standards.

  4. Shall not operate as, nor any of its Members shall state or imply that it is, an organised trade union, labour union, collective bargaining organisation, or an association arranged for the purpose of negotiating labour or working conditions, including but not limited to hiring, firing, wages, complaints, working conditions or promotions.

  5. Shall have no political or religious bias or affiliations, and shall not uphold interests, which are immoral, illegal, biased or not representing the ethics of this Charter.