1. In the event of differences as to the interpretation of the versions of this Charter translated into other languages, the English language version shall prevail.

  2. In addition to the Charter, the Executive may establish short-term policies and directives for the day-to-day governance of the Association. Such rules and/or policies are not intended to detract from the spirit within which the Charter is created, nor are they intended to supersede the Charter in any way.


  1. Amendment of this Charter may only be entertained on written request to the Executive from the Membership. Proposed amendment/s will be considered by the Executive and a decision on any request(s) will be communicated to the Membership via email and appended accordingly on

  2. All amendments receiving Executive approval shall be automatically written into this Charter.

  3. The Executive reserves the right, at any time, to amend and or append as it deems appropriate the foregoing articles and clauses. Any such changes shall be communicated directly to the membership by email to their registered email address and shall also be published on www.hotelgmscom.