Chair of Governors (1)

  1. The Chair of the Board of Governors shall be an eminent hotel industry luminary appointed by the President.

  2. The role of the Chair of Governors is to guide the remit of his/her fellow Governors, promote the Association, the profession and industry and to officiate and act as an ambassador at prestigious related functions.

  3. The Chair of the Governors is an Honorary position and is bound by the Charter and Rules and Regulations of the Association.


  1. No less than four (4) Governors shall sit on the Board of Governors. Each shall be either a serving or previous General Manager of a hotel.

  2. The role of the Governors is to promote the Association, the profession and to officiate and act as an ambassador at prestigious industry related events.

  3. The Governors are Honorary Members of the Association and are bound by the Charter and Rules and Regulations of the Association.

The President

  1. The President is a for-life position. The sitting President shall in consultation with the Board of Governors nominate his successor. The President retains the sole right to change his nomination to reflect circumstances at the time of stepping down from office.

  2. On handover of office, the outgoing President shall automatically assume Life Membership and retain all the privileges and benefits of office enjoyed at the time of relinquishing the position.

  3. The role of the President is to:

    1. Elect the inaugural Members of Executive;

    2. To ensure the continued engagement and development of the Executive;

    3. To elect Governors;

    4. To monitor and approve the corporate/organisational structure of the Association;

    5. To appoint its successor who will have full authorities of the President;

    6. To oversee and manage the performance of the Executive; and

    7. To be the primary Ambassador and spokesperson for the Association.

The Executive

     Constitution of the Executive

  1. The Executive shall consist of no less than two persons, including the President and any number of additional persons may be appointed by the President at any time.

  2. If a vacancy occurs on the Executive, the President shall select and appoint a replacement.


  1. The Executive shall be responsible for all matters pertaining to the administration of the Association, such as management, administration, finance and Membership services, etc.

  2. Members of the Executive shall have contractual and signatory authority over the administrative matters of the Association and its constituent entities. In time, a formal delegation matrix may be agreed for the devolution of responsibilities, for which the Executive shall be responsible for monitoring.

  3. The Executive shall be responsible for reviewing the nominations for Governors and recommending the final appointments to the President, who shall sign their appointment letters on behalf of the Association.

  4. The Executive will at all times endeavour to take into account the wishes of the Membership in its decision making and will always be open to suggestions made by the Members.

  5. Without limiting its capacities at law as a corporation, the Executive of the Association shall have the following powers for pursuing its objects:

    1. to acquire, hold or dispose of all or any part of any real or personal property, undertaking, or interest of any nature in any business;

    2. to enter into any contract or incur or assume any obligation, borrow or raise money, obtain any form of credit or finance, and to give guarantees and indemnities, and mortgage or charge any of the property or assets of the Association as security for the obligations of any person;

    3. to invest surplus funds of the Association in any investments (including, without limitation, shares, debt obligations, participation rights, deposit receipts, notes, instruments and any other rights or obligations) of any description whatsoever, and whether or not carrying any liability (contingent or otherwise), and to delegate power to operate the Association's investment portfolio to appropriately qualified investment managers;

    4. to employ and dismiss staff, and to remunerate them and to provide retirement, death, disability, ill-health and other benefits (pecuniary or otherwise) to them, their families, dependants and others (including former staff);

    5. to organise conferences, seminars and other events;

    6. to publish, in any manner or medium, material of interest to Members or of relevance to any aspect of the Association’s objects or activities;

    7. to establish, support or engage in joint activities of any kind with other organisations or companies, which will advance the objectives of the Association; and

    8. to do all such other lawful things in pursuance of the objectives of the Association.

  6. The Executive is charged to deliver the professional stewardship of the Association and shall not enter into any correspondence or discussion, with members or third parties, relating to its administration and management thereof.


  1. The Executive may appoint managers and administrative staff from time-to-time as it deems necessary for the good and proper running of the Association.

  2. These may be full or part-time positions located in various parts of the world.

  3. Their contact details shall be communicated to the Membership as needed for the good and transparent administration of the Association.