President's Blog - February 2017 - Advisory Services

Introducing Expert Consultancy from Industry Leaders

There are more opportunities than ever in today’s hospitality world and we’re witnessing a period of significant growth. If we take a look at some statistics, a recent Global Construction Pipeline Trend Report from Lodging Econometrics (LE) revealed the total pipeline has 11,260 projects/1,919,370 rooms, up 3% by projects and rooms Year-Over-Year (YOY). Elsewhere, a recent E&Y sector report showed that the travel and tourism industry encompasses 266 million jobs, and contributes 9.5% of gross domestic product (GDP) globally. The E&Y report also highlights positive trends in growth, investment, global M&A activity, owner’s equity and new industry products.


This expansion is an undoubted boon for hoteliers but it also means more pressure to perform against increasingly stiff competition. In this kind of environment, it is extremely important to me that the Association is seen as a source of unrivalled knowledge and expertise and a place where industry colleagues can find the right support to maximise growth. That is why I am particularly pleased to be able share our latest development with you – the launch of IAHGM’s Advisory Services.


The Advisory Services provide an independent source of external consultancy advice for hotel general managers, hotel executives, hotel companies and owners through the Association, on a range of critical topics pertaining to the hospitality industry, including:

  • Hotel Openings & Conversions
  • Asset Management
  • Profit Optimisation
  • Development of Strategy/Structure/Staffing (Management Company Formation)
  • HR Management
  • Executive coaching & Development
  • Management Systems
  • Service Quality Improvement
  • Operational Performance
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures


It was never just about being able to offer a new kind of service; we have been absolutely intent on building a third party network made up of the world’s most respected industry experts and I cannot stress enough the quality of the talent we have available as advisors. These are leaders in their respective fields and we have sourced them for you so that you can concentrate on the development of your own business.


The consultants are available to conduct sessions in different ways, e.g. online, via skype and face-to-face, depending on the requirements and project scope and there are a wide range of benefits for owners, including cost effective pricing, increased profitability, reduced overheads, fit for purpose organisation structures and improved asset valuation. Hotel GMs and execs now have access to consultancy advice on core hospitality management topics and will be able to streamline the process when it comes to delivering new products and services.


We are very excited to share his news with you and we sincerely hope the new offering is something you will find valuable, if you would like any further information you can visit (add Advisory link) or contact myself or CEO John Cameron (


Leon Larkin

President & Founder