President's Blog August 2017 - Insights into China’s Middle Class Boom

Insights into China’s Middle Class Boom

The economic influence of China’s middle class has been a hot topic for some time and, in  the Sydney Morning Herald, Australia’s former Foreign Minister Bob Carr highlights what he calls “the killer fact” - 850 million Chinese joining the middle class segment between 2009 and 2030.

Whilst Carr concentrates on the potential for Australia’s export industry, we know that the demographic shift in outbound Chinese tourism also creates huge opportunities, as well as new challenges, for hoteliers worldwide. Within China the hotel landscape has changed to include more budget hotel brands for those wanting better value and these brands are now spreading overseas to capture Chinese tourists abroad, as Stuart Pallister observes for EHL Hospitality Insights

International hotel brands at all ends of the spectrum are having to consider their offering more carefully and adapt their guest experience in increasingly sophisticated ways to maintain the loyalty of Chinese tourists over more familiar, homegrown brands. One of the most important steps is offering a truly personal touch with thoughtful customer service. But first, research is needed to identify the different segments of Chinese travellers and understand how to give each of these what they want, a subject which Karla Cripps delves into for CNN Traveller.

It’s certainly an interesting time and hotels need to regularly reexamine their strategies in order to remain current and connect with this extremely powerful audience. What has worked for you? We’re keen to hear your thoughts!