Why psychometric assessments are a valuable tool

Why psychometric assessments are a valuable tool:

  • They help identify a person’s capacity to do what is required of them to meet expectations and perform in a capable manner within their working environment.
  • They help to identify the type of work environments that people will be most successful in.
  • To promote more effective people management in organisations.
  • Identifies training and development needs.
  • Facilitate career prospects by identifying future management potential.
  • Valuable aid in continuity and succession planning.
  • Valuable as a tool when undertaking restructures and organisation reviews.
  • As an aid to team building and in understanding whether an individual fits the dynamics at play in groups.

The International Association of Hotel General Managers’ Career Management Center (CMC) offers assistance and support in achieving career aspirations to those members who require it, including optional Psychometric Assessments. Find out more…