The International Association of Hotel General Managers (IAHGM) has launched a new Career Management Centre (CMC) to help match GMs with hotels.

The new facility will enable hotel GMs to talk to professional advisors who will guide them through the job application process. With the agreement of the GM, the CMC will prepare a candidate proposal for the hotel, and all GMs who are successfully placed by the CMC will receive a “success payment” based on 10% of the placement fee.

The CMC will present a minimum of three potential candidates for each role, and clients are offered a 12-month guarantee on all placements.

“The continued growth of the hotel industry has created a high demand for GM talent, and while there are plenty of excellent candidates out there, making the right match is challenging for a number of different reasons,” said Leon Larkin, president & founder of the IAHGM.

“Our aim is to help members take advantage of suitable opportunities and provide potential clients with a rigorous process that will provide an unrivalled source of world-class talent they can rely on.”

The IAHGM launched in February 2016, becoming the world’s first and only association dedicated exclusively to the hotel GM community.

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