The Bulletin - Issue # 4 - December 2016

Welcome to this latest issue of The Bulletin.  

As we approach the end of 2016, I can’t help but look back and reflect on all the things we have achieved in the Association’s first year since launching in February.  When we began, myself and the team firmly believed that IAHGM was in a position to offer something unique to hotel General Managers, and provide a level of industry support that had been missing for some time.  Since then, we have received a very positive response from colleagues worldwide, thanking us and confirming that this is exactly what they are looking for, which really does mean a great deal.

In the first 12 months we have learned a lot about how best to provide the things you need the most and there will always be more to learn as we continue to receive your feedback and adapt to changing times.  At the very beginning we asked what you felt were the key benefits you would like to see and we are proud to say that over the last few months in particular, we have created a range of solutions in answer to your requests.  We also look forward to building on this further next year as we continue to add value.

In this month’s issue of The Bulletin we focus on one of the latest benefits available to Members of IAHGM and IAHE – The International Savings and Retirement Plan.  We hope that you find this useful, and would encourage you to share your thoughts on the Members’ Forum.

Finally, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year, may 2017 be filled with opportunities for you all.

Leon Larkin

President, IAHGM


Portable, flexible savings solution

You highlighted the provision of a retirement savings plan as one of the most important benefit options and one that isn’t always provided by employers.  Even when you do have access to a company pension, you wanted a more flexible and portable solution, (independent of the company), which you can use to supplement your other pension arrangements and continue to pay into as your career develops.

Developed by Hansard International, in conjunction with the IAHGM CEO John Cameron and Chesterman Consulting MD Daniel O’Riordan, the International Savings & Retirement Plan has been designed especially for Members, enabling you to build up a lump sum for your retirement.  You can make regular contributions from as little as $400 per month and also save ad hoc lump sums.

Perhaps you already have pension savings, but do you know whether this will be enough to support you at your preferred level in retirement?  Hansard International have provided a retirement calculator that can help to illustrate how much your current and future savings may be worth when you retire, and whether this will be enough to fund the retirement income that you desire.  Click here to jump straight to the calculator.

If you have a projected shortfall in your savings, all is not lost - you can continue to save into the plan as your career develops and you move to a different employer or country.

Features of the plan:

  • save regularly from as little as £325 (approx. $400) per month
  • increase or decrease your savings to suit your changing circumstances
  • make additional contributions whenever you require
  • invest in a wide range of stock market-linked funds covering different regions, industries and currencies
  • choose when to access your retirement savings without penalty

Click here for more details about the plan and the application process.


Seasons Greetings

The team at IAHGM wish you and your families a great Festive Season, and a Happy New Year!